Spacer lifts and leveling kits

Well, let's start off with basic budget lift or leveling kit. These kits typically consist of some type of spacer inserted between the sturt assembly and coil bucket.

This will raise the front suspension and level your truck but not recommended for serious off-road use. Ok for a daily driver and light off-road driving. 

Bigger is not better when it comes to spacers. This is due to the fact that "spacer" reduces the full range of travel. Causing the strut to bottom out and fail under extreme use. The spacer also creates more droop overextending driveline and other suspension components.  

The better way to go would be to install bigger springs or new lifted struts.

You can get adjustable height struts from Bilstein and Eibach, or

lift struts like the Rancho Quick Lift.

Wow as of 4/9/2019 I see no part lisiting for the Rancho Quick Lift struts or the Bilstein 5100s for a 2018 Colorado.


coil springs not included

Eibach ProTruck Leveling Shocks

Part# E60-23-007-02-10

4inch plus liftkits

Rough Country
6in Base Kit $1099.95

This is the kit I used on my 2018

Colorado LT 4wd. This kit uses the factory struts and springs in front. New 

shocks and lift blocks on the rear. 

Kit uses strut extender, includes front driveshaft spacer, brake

line brackets, swaybar extension, rear lift blocks, rear shocks.  


This kit lacks front bump stop extensions.

Photos from my install. Cross members

and checking steering knuckle fit on tire and wheel. Specs call for an 18in wheel

with 5 backspace. I ran a 5.25in backspace. It was a close fit.  


The install took me a couple of days. I ran 18x9 Fuel wheels with 5.25in backspace and 35x12.50x18 Procomp

A/T Sport tires. The only trimming needed was on the front bumper but a new bumper was on order so I just removed it for now. I have plans to upgrade the front struts, bump stops, rear springs, and brake lines latter!  

Hesading 1

 What's the difference between kits? 


BDS                    Zone               Procomp         

5.5 BDS Base kit $18898.61

This kit uses a strut spacer, includes bump stop extensions, new tie rod ends, driveshaft spacer, and transfercase index ring. Rear lift blocks, u-bolts, rear shocks, swaybar ext, and brake line brackets. 

5.5 Zone Offroad Base kit $1313.59

Strut spacer, bump stop extensions, new tie rod ends,driveshaft spacer, rear lift blocks, u-bolts, rear shocks, swaybar ext, and brake line brackets.

5in Procomp Base kit $1756.99

Strut extension, bump stop ext, new tie rod ends, driveshaft spacer, rear lift blocks, u-bolts, rear shocks, swaybar ext, and brake line brackets. 

Each manufacturer has different wheel specifications required to work with there kits. Check the wheel specs for your truck! 

What about brake lines?

Do I need longer brake lines?

Well, all of these lift kits come with brake line relocation brackets. But I found the front brake hose was still a bit short at full extension "droop" of the suspension.

That's awful tight with the wheels pointed straight! What about a turn?   

Works with the suspension compressed and wheels on the ground but not very good for hitting the trail!

That wasn't going to work for me! 

I had new custom brake lines made. 19in on the fronts and 30in on the rears.


What's a Bump Stop?

So that yellow thing is the factory bump stop. It's basically a rubber pad that makes contact with the lower control arm at full compression of the suspension. 

Without the bump stop, suspension components would make metal to metal contact at full compression. 

Possibly damaging parts and making for a rough ride.


For heavey off road use you may want a progressive bump stop from Timbren. "Active Off Road Bump Stops"

my custom bump stops

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